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Module Key

Constants for all legal mmkKey / mmkCode values. By using these values instead of string literals, you can avoid some typos causing match failures. This is also used for normalization - e.g. Key.Left === "ArrowLeft", not "Left", since mmk.keyboard remaps "Left" to "ArrowLeft" for consistency across multiple browsers (some of which use the former, some of which use the latter.)



Const A

A: "KeyA" = "KeyA"

Const AltLeft

AltLeft: "AltLeft" = "AltLeft"

Const AltRight

AltRight: "AltRight" = "AltRight"

Const ArrowDown

ArrowDown: "ArrowDown" = "ArrowDown"

Const ArrowLeft

ArrowLeft: "ArrowLeft" = "ArrowLeft"

Const ArrowRight

ArrowRight: "ArrowRight" = "ArrowRight"

Const ArrowUp

ArrowUp: "ArrowUp" = "ArrowUp"

Const B

B: "KeyB" = "KeyB"

Const Backquote

Backquote: "Backquote" = "Backquote"

Const Backslash

Backslash: "Backslash" = "Backslash"

Const Backspace

Backspace: "Backspace" = "Backspace"

Const BracketLeft

BracketLeft: "BracketLeft" = "BracketLeft"

Const BracketRight

BracketRight: "BracketRight" = "BracketRight"

Const C

C: "KeyC" = "KeyC"

Const Caps

Caps: "CapsLock" = "CapsLock"

Const CapsLock

CapsLock: "CapsLock" = "CapsLock"

Const Comma

Comma: "Comma" = "Comma"

Const ContextMenu

ContextMenu: "ContextMenu" = "ContextMenu"

Const ControlLeft

ControlLeft: "ControlLeft" = "ControlLeft"

Const ControlRight

ControlRight: "ControlRight" = "ControlRight"

Const CtrlLeft

CtrlLeft: "ControlLeft" = "ControlLeft"

Const CtrlRight

CtrlRight: "ControlRight" = "ControlRight"

Const D

D: "KeyD" = "KeyD"

Const D0

D0: "Digit0" = "Digit0"

Const D1

D1: "Digit1" = "Digit1"

Const D2

D2: "Digit2" = "Digit2"

Const D3

D3: "Digit3" = "Digit3"

Const D4

D4: "Digit4" = "Digit4"

Const D5

D5: "Digit5" = "Digit5"

Const D6

D6: "Digit6" = "Digit6"

Const D7

D7: "Digit7" = "Digit7"

Const D8

D8: "Digit8" = "Digit8"

Const D9

D9: "Digit9" = "Digit9"

Const Del

Del: "Delete" = "Delete"

Const Delete

Delete: "Delete" = "Delete"

Const Digit0

Digit0: "Digit0" = "Digit0"

Const Digit1

Digit1: "Digit1" = "Digit1"

Const Digit2

Digit2: "Digit2" = "Digit2"

Const Digit3

Digit3: "Digit3" = "Digit3"

Const Digit4

Digit4: "Digit4" = "Digit4"

Const Digit5

Digit5: "Digit5" = "Digit5"

Const Digit6

Digit6: "Digit6" = "Digit6"

Const Digit7

Digit7: "Digit7" = "Digit7"

Const Digit8

Digit8: "Digit8" = "Digit8"

Const Digit9

Digit9: "Digit9" = "Digit9"

Const Down

Down: "ArrowDown" = "ArrowDown"

Const E

E: "KeyE" = "KeyE"

Const End

End: "End" = "End"

Const Enter

Enter: "Enter" = "Enter"

Const Equal

Equal: "Equal" = "Equal"

Const Esc

Esc: "Escape" = "Escape"

Const Escape

Escape: "Escape" = "Escape"

Const F

F: "KeyF" = "KeyF"

Const F1

F1: "F1" = "F1"

Const F10

F10: "F10" = "F10"

Const F11

F11: "F11" = "F11"

Const F12

F12: "F12" = "F12"

Const F2

F2: "F2" = "F2"

Const F3

F3: "F3" = "F3"

Const F4

F4: "F4" = "F4"

Const F5

F5: "F5" = "F5"

Const F6

F6: "F6" = "F6"

Const F7

F7: "F7" = "F7"

Const F8

F8: "F8" = "F8"

Const F9

F9: "F9" = "F9"

Const G

G: "KeyG" = "KeyG"

Const H

H: "KeyH" = "KeyH"

Const Home

Home: "Home" = "Home"

Const I

I: "KeyI" = "KeyI"

Const Ins

Ins: "Insert" = "Insert"

Const Insert

Insert: "Insert" = "Insert"

Const J

J: "KeyJ" = "KeyJ"

Const K

K: "KeyK" = "KeyK"

Const KeyA

KeyA: "KeyA" = "KeyA"

Const KeyB

KeyB: "KeyB" = "KeyB"

Const KeyC

KeyC: "KeyC" = "KeyC"

Const KeyD

KeyD: "KeyD" = "KeyD"

Const KeyE

KeyE: "KeyE" = "KeyE"

Const KeyF

KeyF: "KeyF" = "KeyF"

Const KeyG

KeyG: "KeyG" = "KeyG"

Const KeyH

KeyH: "KeyH" = "KeyH"

Const KeyI

KeyI: "KeyI" = "KeyI"

Const KeyJ

KeyJ: "KeyJ" = "KeyJ"

Const KeyK

KeyK: "KeyK" = "KeyK"

Const KeyL

KeyL: "KeyL" = "KeyL"

Const KeyM

KeyM: "KeyM" = "KeyM"

Const KeyN

KeyN: "KeyN" = "KeyN"

Const KeyO

KeyO: "KeyO" = "KeyO"

Const KeyP

KeyP: "KeyP" = "KeyP"

Const KeyQ

KeyQ: "KeyQ" = "KeyQ"

Const KeyR

KeyR: "KeyR" = "KeyR"

Const KeyS

KeyS: "KeyS" = "KeyS"

Const KeyT

KeyT: "KeyT" = "KeyT"

Const KeyU

KeyU: "KeyU" = "KeyU"

Const KeyV

KeyV: "KeyV" = "KeyV"

Const KeyW

KeyW: "KeyW" = "KeyW"

Const KeyX

KeyX: "KeyX" = "KeyX"

Const KeyY

KeyY: "KeyY" = "KeyY"

Const KeyZ

KeyZ: "KeyZ" = "KeyZ"

Const L

L: "KeyL" = "KeyL"

Const LAlt

LAlt: "AltLeft" = "AltLeft"

Const LCtrl

LCtrl: "ControlLeft" = "ControlLeft"

Const LMenu

LMenu: "AltLeft" = "AltLeft"

Const LMeta

LMeta: "MetaLeft" = "MetaLeft"

Const LShift

LShift: "ShiftLeft" = "ShiftLeft"

Const LWin

LWin: "MetaLeft" = "MetaLeft"

Const Left

Left: "ArrowLeft" = "ArrowLeft"

Const M

M: "KeyM" = "KeyM"

Const MenuLeft

MenuLeft: "AltLeft" = "AltLeft"

Const MenuRight

MenuRight: "AltRight" = "AltRight"

Const MetaLeft

MetaLeft: "MetaLeft" = "MetaLeft"

Const MetaRight

MetaRight: "MetaRight" = "MetaRight"

Const Minus

Minus: "Minus" = "Minus"

Const N

N: "KeyN" = "KeyN"

Const Num0

Num0: "Numpad0" = "Numpad0"

Const Num1

Num1: "Numpad1" = "Numpad1"

Const Num2

Num2: "Numpad2" = "Numpad2"

Const Num3

Num3: "Numpad3" = "Numpad3"

Const Num4

Num4: "Numpad4" = "Numpad4"

Const Num5

Num5: "Numpad5" = "Numpad5"

Const Num6

Num6: "Numpad6" = "Numpad6"

Const Num7

Num7: "Numpad7" = "Numpad7"

Const Num8

Num8: "Numpad8" = "Numpad8"

Const Num9

Num9: "Numpad9" = "Numpad9"

Const NumLock

NumLock: "NumLock" = "NumLock"

Const Numpad0

Numpad0: "Numpad0" = "Numpad0"

Const Numpad1

Numpad1: "Numpad1" = "Numpad1"

Const Numpad2

Numpad2: "Numpad2" = "Numpad2"

Const Numpad3

Numpad3: "Numpad3" = "Numpad3"

Const Numpad4

Numpad4: "Numpad4" = "Numpad4"

Const Numpad5

Numpad5: "Numpad5" = "Numpad5"

Const Numpad6

Numpad6: "Numpad6" = "Numpad6"

Const Numpad7

Numpad7: "Numpad7" = "Numpad7"

Const Numpad8

Numpad8: "Numpad8" = "Numpad8"

Const Numpad9

Numpad9: "Numpad9" = "Numpad9"

Const NumpadAdd

NumpadAdd: "NumpadAdd" = "NumpadAdd"

Const NumpadClear

NumpadClear: "NumpadClear" = "NumpadClear"

Const NumpadDecimal

NumpadDecimal: "NumpadDecimal" = "NumpadDecimal"

Const NumpadDelete

NumpadDelete: "NumpadDelete" = "NumpadDelete"

Const NumpadDivide

NumpadDivide: "NumpadDivide" = "NumpadDivide"

Const NumpadDown

NumpadDown: "NumpadDown" = "NumpadDown"

Const NumpadEnd

NumpadEnd: "NumpadEnd" = "NumpadEnd"

Const NumpadEnter

NumpadEnter: "NumpadEnter" = "NumpadEnter"

Const NumpadFunc0

NumpadFunc0: "NumpadInsert" = "NumpadInsert"

Const NumpadFunc1

NumpadFunc1: "NumpadEnd" = "NumpadEnd"

Const NumpadFunc2

NumpadFunc2: "NumpadDown" = "NumpadDown"

Const NumpadFunc3

NumpadFunc3: "NumpadPageDown" = "NumpadPageDown"

Const NumpadFunc4

NumpadFunc4: "NumpadLeft" = "NumpadLeft"

Const NumpadFunc5

NumpadFunc5: "NumpadClear" = "NumpadClear"

Const NumpadFunc6

NumpadFunc6: "NumpadRight" = "NumpadRight"

Const NumpadFunc7

NumpadFunc7: "NumpadHome" = "NumpadHome"

Const NumpadFunc8

NumpadFunc8: "NumpadUp" = "NumpadUp"

Const NumpadFunc9

NumpadFunc9: "NumpadPageUp" = "NumpadPageUp"

Const NumpadFuncDecimal

NumpadFuncDecimal: "NumpadDelete" = "NumpadDelete"

Const NumpadHome

NumpadHome: "NumpadHome" = "NumpadHome"

Const NumpadInsert

NumpadInsert: "NumpadInsert" = "NumpadInsert"

Const NumpadLeft

NumpadLeft: "NumpadLeft" = "NumpadLeft"

Const NumpadMultiply

NumpadMultiply: "NumpadMultiply" = "NumpadMultiply"

Const NumpadPageDown

NumpadPageDown: "NumpadPageDown" = "NumpadPageDown"

Const NumpadPageUp

NumpadPageUp: "NumpadPageUp" = "NumpadPageUp"

Const NumpadRight

NumpadRight: "NumpadRight" = "NumpadRight"

Const NumpadSubtract

NumpadSubtract: "NumpadSubtract" = "NumpadSubtract"

Const NumpadUp

NumpadUp: "NumpadUp" = "NumpadUp"

Const O

O: "KeyO" = "KeyO"

Const OSLeft

OSLeft: "MetaLeft" = "MetaLeft"

Const OSRight

OSRight: "MetaRight" = "MetaRight"

Const P

P: "KeyP" = "KeyP"

Const PageDown

PageDown: "PageDown" = "PageDown"

Const PageUp

PageUp: "PageUp" = "PageUp"

Const Pause

Pause: "Pause" = "Pause"

Const Period

Period: "Period" = "Period"

Const PgDown

PgDown: "PageDown" = "PageDown"

Const PgUp

PgUp: "PageUp" = "PageUp"

Const PrintScreen

PrintScreen: "PrintScreen" = "PrintScreen"

Const Q

Q: "KeyQ" = "KeyQ"

Const Quote

Quote: "Quote" = "Quote"

Const R

R: "KeyR" = "KeyR"

Const RAlt

RAlt: "AltRight" = "AltRight"

Const RCtrl

RCtrl: "ControlRight" = "ControlRight"

Const RMenu

RMenu: "AltRight" = "AltRight"

Const RMeta

RMeta: "MetaRight" = "MetaRight"

Const RShift

RShift: "ShiftRight" = "ShiftRight"

Const RWin

RWin: "MetaRight" = "MetaRight"

Const Right

Right: "ArrowRight" = "ArrowRight"

Const S

S: "KeyS" = "KeyS"

Const ScrollLock

ScrollLock: "ScrollLock" = "ScrollLock"

Const Semicolon

Semicolon: "Semicolon" = "Semicolon"

Const ShiftLeft

ShiftLeft: "ShiftLeft" = "ShiftLeft"

Const ShiftRight

ShiftRight: "ShiftRight" = "ShiftRight"

Const Slash

Slash: "Slash" = "Slash"

Const Space

Space: "Space" = "Space"

Const T

T: "KeyT" = "KeyT"

Const Tab

Tab: "Tab" = "Tab"

Const U

U: "KeyU" = "KeyU"

Const Up

Up: "ArrowUp" = "ArrowUp"

Const V

V: "KeyV" = "KeyV"

Const W

W: "KeyW" = "KeyW"

Const WinLeft

WinLeft: "MetaLeft" = "MetaLeft"

Const WinRight

WinRight: "MetaRight" = "MetaRight"

Const X

X: "KeyX" = "KeyX"

Const Y

Y: "KeyY" = "KeyY"

Const Z

Z: "KeyZ" = "KeyZ"

Const self

self: object = Key

Type declaration

  • [key: string]: string

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