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Web Junk

URL What
logs.pandamojo.comInvite-only IRC logs for #gamedev of gamedev inspiration
/guide/cpp-vs-cs/C++ vs C# comparison cheat sheet
/guide/cpp-vs-rust/C++ vs Rust comparison cheat sheet, Rust references.
/guide/rust-async/Rust Async explainations, references.
/brainfuck/In-Browser Brainfuck IDE
/decide/A random choice maker for you to disagree with.
/games/snake/Basic snake clone.
/print/grid-drawing-practice/Printable grid drawing practice sheets for art

Abandoned Publicly Posted Projects

Misc. dumping grounds: NPM GitHub Gitlab NuGet

TypeScript Libraries Quick Description Links License
@maulingmonkey/gamepad Browser gamepad fixup/abstraction layer. Git NPM Docs Demo Apache 2.0
@maulingmonkey/keyboard Browser keyboard fixup/abstraction layer. Git NPM Docs Demo Apache 2.0
@maulingmonkey/terminal WebGL terminal renderer. Git NPM Docs Demo Apache 2.0
C++ Libraries
libMmkJsonWriter Lean JSON writer Git NuGet Apache 2.0
libMmkUnitTest Unit testing library Git NuGet Apache 2.0
libMmkDebugStack Cross-platform stack tracing Git NuGet Apache 2.0
libMmkFormat Warnings-enabled sprintf-esque macro Git NuGet Apache 2.0
libindustry Ancient and evil C++03 nonsense. Git BSL 1.0
C# Libraries
Poly2Tri Dumb port of Poly2Tri (Java) to C#. Git Screenshots Video BSD 3-Clause (CAL)
UberIRC (C#) A bad tiny font IRC client Git Screenshot Releases BSL 1.0
TtyRecMonkey (C#) A .ttyrec player, for replaying DCSS Git Releases MIT (CAL)
modularize-namespace (TS) Modularizes namespaced based projects. Git NPM Apache 2.0
SigTrello (TS) Unmaintained/broken chrome extension for Trello Git MIT
template_rust_vscode Overengineered vscode tasks for rust dev. Git
template_ts_library_vscode Overengineered vscode tasks for typescript dev. Git

FOSS Contributions

My pull requests, patches, forks, etc.

mendsley/tinystl(active, but not merging)

Cool Stuff [Discord]Programming Nerds [unofficial Discord]Pixel Artists
Ludum DarePeriodic weekend game jam
gamedevs.orgJovan's collection of gamedev articles/papers
game-editors.comJovan's collection of gamedev editor screenshots
godbolt.orgPaste site with disassembly capabilities
wandbox.orgPaste site that will run your code too
play.rust-lang.orgRust focused pastesite with intellisense
GDC ArchiveThings and stuff
Extra CreditsTalks and stuff

How To Ask Questions The Smart Way
Finishing a Game
What have you tried?

JPetrie Should Reupload

Choosing Tools
"Master" Header Pitfalls
Don't Read Source Code
Don't Write Tutorials
Rewrite or Refactor
The Dangers of Benchmarks
Write Games, Not Engines
Performant Singletons
On Game Schools
In the Trenches with MSBuild, Part II


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